For most of us, our home is our most important and valuable asset.

When you decide to list your home for sale, there are many important decisions to be made in order to maximize the return on your investment. But there is one decision that is clearly the most critical; your choice of a REALTOR®.

Of course you want a REALTOR® with considerable skill and experience, but – at least equally as important – you need your agent to have your best interests at heart at all times. This is in fact the essence of the agency relationship.

I’m Ted Greenhough. Prior to becoming a full-time professional REALTOR® in 2004, my previous career was as a business owner. At 27, I started Power Twins Performance Parts – a wholesale distributor of motorcycle parts. Over the next 14 years my company morphed in Parts Canada, becoming the undisputed #1 parts distributor in Canada. My average rate of sales growth over those 14 years was 55% per year.

The main reason for my success was my relentless determination to set a new standard for customer service in my industry. My business mind-set was (and still is) very simple, “How can I do better? How can I further exceed my customers’ expectations?” I wish more businesses operated in this way!

When I sold my company and decided to become a REALTOR®, I was financially secure, so I had the flexibility to take my time and carefully study the Real Estate business. On the selling side, one of the main things I wanted to learn was, “What are the factors that cause one property to sell quicker and for money than another seemingly similar property?”

If you go to work every day with a passionate desire to become the best, and you continue that devotion to learning throughout your career, you will eventually become a leading expert in your field, someone with a deep level of knowledge that others will seek out for advice.

I began my 2nd career in 2004 with a solid understanding of business and customer service and then very purposefully devoted myself to becoming the best REALTOR® I could possibly be.

I’ve achieved success and I’ve won all the sales awards. But it’s how I’ve achieved those awards that is far more important to me. Once again, I’ve done it by consistently providing the highest possible level of customer service to my clients. I invite you to please check out the heartfelt reviews on my website. I’m prouder of all those reviews that I am of all the sales awards in the world.

For the record, almost all of my business now comes from repeat clients and referrals, so for that reason I do work all over the city and at all price levels.

Here is an introduction to my 10-step process explaining what i will do to get your home sold quickly and for the highest possible price.

Step #1 Initial Meeting

Some of the things we’ll discuss:

Current Calgary Real Estate Market Conditions

Should you list your house now? Should you wait? How does your community compare to the overall real estate market? What trends are likely to affect house prices in the near future?

Preparing to Sell Your Home

Who exactly is your target buyer? What changes can you make that will appeal to that buyer? Should you paint? Should you change the carpet? What other improvements could be made with little or no cost?

The Comparative Market Analysis

How does your home compare to similar properties that have sold recently? What are the factors that caused some properties to sell, while others did not? Which current listings are your strongest competitors? How can you best position your home against them?

Home Pricing – Finding the ‘Sweet Spot’

What is the smartest List Price that is most likely to generate the highest Sale Price? What steps can be taken to maximize the sale price of your Calgary home?

Step #2 Reviewing the Listing Agreement

The Real Estate listing agreement includes several important legal representations that you will be making to the buyer of your property. I will ensure that you are fully protected from any potential legal liability.

As for your obligation to me (the Listing Agent), I insert the following term into every contract:

“Seller(s) may terminate this contract at any time with no further obligation to RE/MAX Realty Professionals or Ted Greenhough”

This puts the onus on me to ensure you are always completely satisfied throughout the entire home selling process, which is how it should be, don’t you think?

If you are ever unhappy for any reasons, or your circumstances have changed, or even if you simply change your mind, you may cancel the contract at any time without incurring any costs whatsoever.

Step #3 Home Staging Consultation

Home staging is the art of positioning your home in order to increases its appeal (and perceived value) to the widest possible audience of potential buyers.

My stager is a CSP (Certified Staging Professional), and is one of the most skilled and experienced Home Stagers in Calgary; she has contributed to the successful sale of HUNDREDS of my listings.

She will meet with you at your home and lay out a plan of action to make it FABULOUS, usually using your own furniture and art work. She will then be available to you for consultation throughout the pre-listing process right up to FINAL STAGING, just before photography. You will be amazed at the transformation!

This process is all about making your home stand out from the crowd (your competitors).

Step #4 Professional Photography

Professional-quality images are BY FAR the most important component in the marketing of your property. Think about it. Where do serious, qualified, active buyers find out about your home listing in the first place?

On the INTERNET, of course! And what do they look at first? The PHOTOS, of course!

If they don’t like the photos, they won’t read the words, they won’t book a showing, and they WON’T BUY YOUR HOME.

Have a look at my Calgary Real Estate listings to see examples of some outstanding photography. Notice that the quality is consistent on EVERY listing, whether it’s a $200,000 condo or a $2,000,000 luxury home.

This is the work of a highly trained award-winning professional photographer. Many REALTORS® use a variety of photography services. Some are good. Others? Not so much.

There is a direct correlation between my home sales success and the quality of the images. Yes, the photography is THAT important!

Step #5 Marketing on the Internet

Having a powerful INTERNET presence is crucial to the success of your listing.

Your home is featured on every possible Calgary website, in the most professional manner possible, complete with a compelling story (written by me) explaining why buyers must see your home.

If the presentation of your listing is superior to your competitors, and we’re able to generate 20 quality showing instead of 10, doesn’t it make sense that you’ve double your chances of receiving a good offer?

Step #6 Active Real Estate Marketing

Even before your listing is on MLS, I’m already on the phone actively marketing your property to the other top REALTORS® working in your area.

I call this ACTIVE marketing, as opposed to PASSIVE marketing (sitting around waiting and hoping).

Passive marketers are focused on LISTING as many properties as possible. They think that once they’ve go the Listing Contract in their hand, their job is done.

When I get a Listing Contract, I think my job has just started.

Passive marketers like to have a huge “inventory” of homes for sale, and they seem happy if only half of them sell.

I’m not happy unless 100% of my listings sell.

Passive marketers put all their energy into “getting more listings”. That leaves them with nothing left over to put any effort into actually SELLING your home. So, ask yourself:

Do you want to LIST? Or do you want to SELL?®

I trademarked that slogan years ago because it perfectly explains the fundamental difference in philosophy between a passive agent and ME.

Step #7 Active Communication

One thing you’ll notice about me is that I’m extremely responsive. You send me an e-mail – I respond immediately (at least 9 times out of 10). You call me – I either answer my phone or I call you back right away.

The reason I’m so responsive is because I’m always communicating with my clients or actively marketing my Real Estate listings anyways. Even if I’m not at my desk, I’m “plugged in” at all times.

Being prompt and actively involved every day keeps me on top of everything that’s happening in my business.

Step #8 Negotiating the Best Price for Your Home

We’ve done a lot of work to get to this point. Now it’s the most important part of the process; an offer has been presented!

Now you need your REALTOR® to stand up and defend the price of your home.

As one of the most highly respected Real Estate agents in Calgary, the other REALTORS® know who I am, they know I’ve done my homework, and they know I can’t be bluffed! For Example:

Other Agent: “My buyer is interested but your listing appears to be over-priced compared to this recent sale.”

Me: “No, that’s not correct. That listing was far inferior to this one, and here’s exactly why.”

(Knowing the Calgary Real Estate market inside and out is invaluable in a negotiation.)

Aside from the price, there are many other aspects of the Real Estate Purchase Contract that are critically important. Each individual point needs to be negotiated and agreed upon by both sides.

I’m a tough negotiator but I can also formulate creative solutions to the roadblocks that inevitably occur during almost every negotiation.

Step #9 Removing Conditions

So now we’ve got a signed contract. But it’s not time to celebrate yet! Before your property is considered a FIRM sale, there are usually certain conditions that need to be satisfied such as Financing, Home Inspection, etc.

You would be shocked to know how many Real Estate transactions fall apart at this point. It’s as if the Listing Agent and Buyer’s Agent both say, “Oh well! The deal fell apart! Nothing we can do!”

I say, “Nonsense! Let’s figure out a solution”

I’ve saved countless home sales from collapsing by being actively involved throughout this process, anticipating potential problems, and invoking creative solutions. Very, very few of my transactions ever fall apart once I’ve got a conditional contract in place.

Step #10 After Your Home is Sold

Once the SOLD sticker is on your sign, all the stress of the selling process is over. You can start packing, and planning to take possession of your new home!

Our office will be communicating with you about next steps such as meeting with your lawyer, arranging for an updated Real Property Report if it’s required, etc.

You never need to be concerned about, “What’s next?” because we’re keeping you informed every step of the way right up to the very last day when the property legally changes hands. Congratulations on the successful sale of your property!

My Personal Guarantee:

“If you’re ever not happy with my service for any reason, you may cancel the contract with no further obligation to me or my brokerage.”

I’ve written this clause into EVERY Listing Agreement I’ve done for the last 10+ years. It means you never have to fear being stuck in a contract with a REALTOR® who isn’t doing everything he said he would do to your complete satisfaction. If you’re not happy with me, simply cancel the contract! (This has actually never happened in 10+ years, by the way).

If you like what you’ve ready so far and you’d like to learn more, please contact me and let’s have a chat about your specific situation. This page is designed as a general introduction, but there is much more to discuss.